88R19723 BPG-D
  By: Bhojani H.R. No. 613
         WHEREAS, Ramadan, the ninth month of the year on the Islamic
  calendar, is a time when Muslims in Texas and around the world focus
  on peace and self-improvement; and
         WHEREAS, On the Muslim lunar calendar, the month of Ramadan
  begins and ends with the sighting of the crescent moon; Muslims
  affirm their spiritual beliefs by fasting from sunrise to sunset, a
  practice that is one of the Five Pillars of Islam; it cultivates
  self-discipline, gratitude, and compassion for those less
  fortunate; and
         WHEREAS, Fasting is a requirement of all Muslims who have
  passed the threshold of puberty, with exemptions for those with
  certain conditions, such as pregnancy or illness; each day of
  abstention from eating and drinking is bracketed by the first meal
  of the day, Suhoor, and the meal that breaks the fast, Iftar; many
  mosques host daily community dinners where people can break their
  fast together; families often invite guests to Iftar and then
  proceed to the mosque for the nightly prayer and a special Ramadan
  prayer, taraweeh, during which the prayer leader recites at least
  one thirtieth of the Qur'an, in order to recite the entire Qur'an by
  the end of the month; and
         WHEREAS, Ramadan is a time of intense reflection and
  spiritual rejuvenation, with more precious moments devoted to
  reading the Qur'an and performing appropriate prayers; moreover,
  adherents participate in charitable giving, and many mosques hold
  food drives and fundraisers for philanthropic organizations; some
  mosques host open houses to welcome friends and neighbors of other
  faiths to share the bounty of Iftar; and
         WHEREAS, The end of Ramadan is marked by a major holiday, Eid
  ul-Fitr; a special prayer and sermon in the morning are followed by
  a community celebration, and friends and family spend the day
  socializing, eating, and reuniting with old acquaintances; food,
  games, and presents for children are important elements of the
  festivities; and
         WHEREAS, While concentrating on spiritual growth during
  Ramadan, Muslims also strengthen the bonds of community and express
  their faith through efforts in behalf of the collective good, and it
  is truly fitting to acknowledge the deep significance of this
  important season; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 88th Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize the holy month of Ramadan 2023 and
  extend to Muslims across the Lone Star State sincere best wishes for
  a meaningful and joyous observance.