88R26635 TBO-D
  By: Thimesch H.R. No. 1421
         WHEREAS, Former recipients of the Teacher of the Year award
  from the Lewisville Independent School District are gathering at
  the State Capitol on May 4, 2023; and
         WHEREAS, A solid education is vital for young people to
  become successful and productive adults, and those men and women
  who dedicate their careers to teaching make a positive difference
  in the lives of their students and in the greater community; and
         WHEREAS, Each of the Lewisville ISD educators traveling to
  the State Capitol have exemplified the highest standards of their
  profession, and their trip to Austin will afford them an
  opportunity to meet with legislators to discuss issues of
  importance in their field; the visiting delegation includes the
  district's superintendent, Dr. Lori Rapp, as well as Doug Emery,
  Alexis Miller, Donna Friend, Amanda McKnight, Heather Lewis, Peggy
  Hill, Curry Goff, Bre Manuel, Marlene Price, Nick Gravois, and
  Bradley Willi; and
         WHEREAS, Through their dedication, expertise, and innovative
  spirit, these outstanding educators have helped many young Texans
  acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed, and it is a
  pleasure to join in recognizing them at this time; now, therefore,
  be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 88th Texas
  Legislature hereby honor this exemplary group of Lewisville
  Independent School District Teachers of the Year for their many
  achievements and extend to them sincere best wishes for a
  meaningful and productive visit to the State Capitol.