88R11546 TBO-D
  By: Springer S.R. No. 142
         WHEREAS, Members of Habitat for Humanity Texas are
  celebrating Habitat for Humanity Day on February 7, 2023; and
         WHEREAS, Homeownership plays a significant role in enhancing
  the quality of life in our communities, and Texas has faced a
  critical shortage of affordable homes, with a 500,000-home deficit;
  in addition, one in seven homeowners pay more than half their income
  on housing; there are many causes for the lack of affordable
  housing, including issues related to marginalization, land-use
  policy, inequality, high population density, and natural
  disasters; and
         WHEREAS, Habitat for Humanity Texas and its local affiliates
  strive to help build a better future for people across the state;
  these organizations unite residents and enable them to construct
  homes in their communities, and they work to expand access to
  affordable homes through advocacy, resource development,
  education, training, and disaster preparedness and response; and
         WHEREAS, Over the years, the Habitat for Humanity network in
  Texas has collectively helped over 13,500 families obtain safe
  housing in 60 areas throughout the state; since 1977, the network
  has built more than 8,500 new homes, repaired nearly 5,000, and
  rehabilitated almost 600; and
         WHEREAS, Habitat for Humanity Texas has made homeownership a
  reality for numerous families in the Lone Star State, and the
  dedicated members of the organization are truly deserving of
  recognition for their contributions to this important cause; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the Senate of the 88th Texas Legislature
  hereby recognize February 7, 2023, as Habitat For Humanity Day and
  commend all those associated with the organization for their
  efforts; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for Habitat for Humanity Texas as an expression of high
  regard by the Texas Senate.