Daily House Calendar

Monday, May 15, 2023



********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 22               Springer / et al.

SP: Guillen / Gerdes

Relating to the establishment of grant programs to provide financial assistance to qualified sheriff's offices, constable's offices, and prosecutor's offices in rural counties.

SB 1045             Huffman / et al.

SP: Murr / Burrows / Schofield / Vasut / Landgraf / et al.

Relating to the creation of the Fifteenth Court of Appeals with jurisdiction over certain civil cases, the compensation of the justices of that court, and the jurisdiction of the courts of appeals in this state.

SB 1648             Parker / et al.

SP: Walle / Holland

Relating to the centennial parks conservation fund.


SJR 74              Parker / et al.

SP: Walle / Holland

Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the creation of the centennial parks conservation fund.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 267              King / et al.

SP: Burrows / Frazier / Moody / Shaheen / et al.

Relating to law enforcement agency accreditation, including a grant program to assist agencies in becoming accredited.

SB 182              Miles / et al.

SP: Rose

Relating to the required report of criminal offenses committed against individuals receiving certain state agency services; creating a criminal offense.

SB 786              Birdwell / et al.

SP: Darby / Anchía / Morales, Eddie / Guerra

Relating to the regulation by the Railroad Commission of Texas of closed-loop geothermal injection wells.

SB 1054             Nichols

SP: Burrows

Relating to requirements for a trial in the contest of an election on a proposed constitutional amendment.

SB 989              Huffman / et al.

SP: Bonnen / Kacal / King, Ken / Rose / Johnson, Ann / et al.

Relating to health benefit plan coverage for certain biomarker testing.

SB 409              Hinojosa / et al.

SP: Leach / et al.

Relating to the rights of victims, guardians of victims, and close relatives of deceased victims in the criminal justice system.

SB 478              Zaffirini / et al.

SP: King, Ken

Relating to the administration of the motorcycle operator training and safety program and requirements for the issuance of certain driver's licenses and commercial driver's licenses; requiring an occupational license; authorizing a fee.

SB 224              Alvarado / et al.

SP: Leach / Hull / Oliverson / Goldman / Walle / et al.

Relating to catalytic converters, including criminal conduct involving catalytic converters; providing an administrative penalty; creating a criminal offense; increasing a criminal penalty; increasing a fee.

SB 62               Zaffirini

SP: Guillen

Relating to posting certain documents and information related to certain real property sales on a county's Internet website.

SB 1300             Hughes

SP: Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the disposition and removal of a decedent's remains.

SB 1246             Huffman

SP: Bonnen

Relating to authorized investments of public money by certain governmental entities and the confidentiality of certain information related to those investments.

SB 1245             Huffman

SP: Bonnen

Relating to contributions to, benefits from, and the administration of the Judicial Retirement System of Texas Plan Two.

SB 1237             Flores

SP: Geren

Relating to compensation and leave for certain security officers or investigators commissioned as peace officers by the comptroller.

SB 1213             Zaffirini

SP: Goldman

Relating to the establishment of the Mold Assessment and Remediation Advisory Board under the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

SB 2032             Creighton / et al.

SP: Buckley

Relating to adult high school charter school programs.

SB 2173             Alvarado / et al.

SP: Dean

Relating to a pilot program for the safe disposal of prescription drugs, including controlled substance prescription drugs.

SB 1602             Hughes / et al.

SP: Cain / Vasut / Schofield / Smith / Thompson, Ed / et al.

Relating to venue and choice of law for certain actions involving censorship by social media platforms.

SB 1429             Hinojosa

SP: Herrero

Relating to the use of standardized examinations by a school of nursing or educational program.

SB 1444             Zaffirini / et al.

SP: Bucy

Relating to the public retirement systems for employees of certain municipalities.

SB 944              Kolkhorst

SP: Lambert

Relating to the commitment order for individuals with intellectual disabilities who are committed to state supported living centers.

SB 780              Hughes / et al.

SP: Hefner

Relating to emergency possession of certain abandoned children by designated emergency infant care providers.

SB 745              Kolkhorst / et al.

SP: Noble

Relating to fraud prevention under certain health care programs.

SB 1145             West / et al.

SP: Talarico / Button / Bernal / Johnson, Julie / Goodwin

Relating to a local option exemption from ad valorem taxation by a county or municipality of all or part of the appraised value of real property used to operate a child-care facility.

SB 1155             Menéndez

SP: Allison

Relating to continuation and operations of a health care provider participation program by the Bexar County Hospital District.

SB 895              Johnson

SP: Lambert / Ashby

Relating to the regulation of money services businesses; creating a criminal offense; creating administrative penalties; authorizing the imposition of a fee.

SB 922              Hughes

SP: Orr / Rogers / Frazier / Harris, Cody / et al.

Relating to legislative leave for certain peace officers commissioned by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

SB 1725             Hughes / et al.

SP: Leo-Wilson

Relating to the expunction of certain convictions or arrests of a minor for certain alcohol-related offenses.

SB 1768             Creighton

SP: Bryant

Relating to the correction or removal of certain obsolete provisions of the Property Code.

********** RESOLUTIONS CALENDAR **********

SCR 2               Nichols / et al.

SP: Canales

Extending the duty of the comptroller of public accounts under Section 7-c, Article VIII, Texas Constitution, to deposit certain tax revenue to the state highway fund.