Supplemental House Calendar

Thursday, May 18, 2023



********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 15               Middleton / et al.

SP: Swanson

Relating to requiring public institution of higher education students who compete in intercollegiate athletic competitions to compete based on biological sex.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 786              Birdwell / et al.

SP: Darby / Anchía / Morales, Eddie / Guerra

Relating to the regulation by the Railroad Commission of Texas of closed-loop geothermal injection wells.

SB 1245             Huffman

SP: Bonnen

Relating to contributions to, benefits from, and the administration of the Judicial Retirement System of Texas Plan Two.

SB 1447             Miles

SP: Campos

Relating to a training program for persons investigating suspected child abuse or neglect.

SB 2289             Huffman / et al.

SP: Bonnen

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of equipment or inventory held by a manufacturer of medical or biomedical products to protect the Texas healthcare network and strengthen our medical supply chain.

SB 1361             Huffman

SP: Burrows

Relating to the unlawful production or distribution of sexually explicit videos using deep fake technology; creating a criminal offense.

SB 538              King

SP: Raymond / Morales, Eddie / Lopez, Janie

Relating to the use of appropriated money by the Texas State Guard for recruiting and retention purposes.

SB 246              Alvarado

SP: Goldman

Relating to the regulation of motor fuel metering devices and motor fuel quality.

SB 614              Perry / et al.

SP: Frank

Relating to certain procedures relating to children placed under a parental child safety placement.

SB 48               Zaffirini

SP: Leach

Relating to standardized forms and materials for the issuance of protective orders, magistrate's orders for emergency protection, and temporary ex parte orders.

SB 1340             Zaffirini

SP: Meyer

Relating to the local development agreement database maintained by the comptroller of public accounts.

SB 1089             Parker / et al.

SP: Capriglione

Relating to repealing the ability to declare certain unopposed candidates for office as elected.

SB 1932             Creighton

SP: King, Ken

Relating to authorizing secondary wine sales; authorizing an administrative penalty.

SB 2010             Schwertner / et al.

SP: Slawson / et al.

Relating to required reporting by the wholesale electric market monitor for the ERCOT power region.

SB 1599             Hughes / et al.

SP: Bucy

Relating to ballots voted by mail.

SB 1364             Alvarado

SP: Lujan / Lopez, Janie

Relating to weight limitations for certain natural gas or electric vehicles.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********
UNTIL 10:00 AM

SB 1045             Huffman / et al.

SP: Murr / Burrows / Schofield / Vasut / Landgraf / et al.

Relating to the creation of the Fifteenth Court of Appeals with jurisdiction over certain civil cases, the compensation of the justices of that court, and the jurisdiction of the courts of appeals in this state.

********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 1445             Paxton / et al.

SP: Goldman

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement; authorizing a fee.

SB 2040             Springer / et al.

SP: Clardy / Holland / Canales / Goldman / Bell, Keith

Relating to the continuation and transfer of the regulation of willed body programs to the Texas Funeral Service Commission, the regulation of willed body programs, non-transplant anatomical donation organizations, and anatomical facilities, and the creation of the State Anatomical Advisory Committee; requiring registration; authorizing fees; authorizing an administrative penalty.

SB 18               Creighton / et al.

SP: Kuempel

Relating to the tenure and employment of faculty members at certain public institutions of higher education.

SB 3                Bettencourt / et al.

SP: Meyer / Bonnen / Burrows / Thierry / Raymond / et al.

Relating to providing property tax relief through the public school finance system, exemptions, limitations on appraisals and taxes, and property tax administration.


SJR 64              West / et al.

SP: Talarico

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing a local option exemption from ad valorem taxation by a county or municipality of all or part of the appraised value of real property used to operate a child-care facility.

SJR 3               Bettencourt / et al.

SP: Meyer / Bonnen / Burrows / Thierry / Raymond / et al.

Proposing a constitutional amendment to authorize the legislature to limit the maximum appraised value of real property for ad valorem tax purposes, to increase the amount of an exemption from ad valorem taxation by a school district applicable to residence homesteads, to adjust the amount of the limitation on school district ad valorem taxes imposed on the residence homesteads of the elderly or disabled to reflect increases in certain exemption amounts, and to except certain appropriations to pay for ad valorem tax relief from the constitutional limitation on the rate of growth of appropriations.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 1717             Zaffirini

SP: Moody

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of stalking.

SB 2601             Hinojosa

SP: Canales

Relating to payment of costs related to the relocation of certain utility facilities for state highway projects.

SB 1677             Perry

SP: Price

Relating to the establishment and administration of Health and Human Services Commission programs providing mental health services to certain individuals in this state.

SB 261              Springer / et al.

SP: Ashby

Relating to titling and registration of assembled trailers.

SB 796              Middleton / et al.

SP: Johnson, Ann

Relating to arbitration provisions in surplus lines insurance contracts.

SB 221              Bettencourt

SP: Paul

Relating to requirements for certain petitions requesting an election and ballot propositions.

SB 247              Alvarado

SP: Perez

Relating to specialty license plates issued for honorary consuls.

SB 629              Menéndez / et al.

SP: Talarico / Oliverson / Leo-Wilson / Howard / Zwiener / et al.

Relating to the maintenance, administration, and disposal of opioid antagonists on public and private school campuses and to the permissible uses of money appropriated to a state agency from the opioid abatement account.

SB 323              Huffman / et al.

SP: Kitzman

Relating to the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle safety standards in certain counties.

SB 1418             LaMantia

SP: Lopez, Janie / Raney / Guillen / Button / et al.

Relating to the route designation for the issuance of a permit for the movement of oversize and overweight vehicles in certain counties.

SB 1471             Bettencourt

SP: Noble / Walle / Wilson / et al.

Relating to access by the Texas Education Agency and private schools to certain criminal history records.