Congratulatory And Memorial Calendar

Friday, April 14, 2023
9:00 AM




HCR 96              Hefner

Congratulating the Cavender family on its receipt of the 2023 Star of Texas Award from the Texas Historical Foundation.

HCR 98              Murr

Recognizing the 2023 Texas A&M University System policy interns.

HCR 99              Craddick

Recognizing May 6-12, 2023, as Nurses Week in Texas.

HR 697              Ordaz

Commending Angie Sommers for her service on the occasion of Women's History Month.

HR 701              Ordaz

Commending Judge Patricia Chew for her service on the occasion of Women's History Month.

HR 761              Ordaz

Commending Belen Robles for her service on the occasion of Women's History Month.

HR 764              Ordaz

Commending Rachel Quintana for her service on the occasion of Women's History Month.

HR 768              Ordaz

Commending Isela Reyes for her service on the occasion of Women's History Month.

HR 872              Bernal

Recognizing March 2023 as Social Work Month.

HR 874              Johnson, Ann

Congratulating Douglas Brinkley on winning a 2023 Grammy Award.

HR 876              Plesa

Congratulating Vedha Vaddaraju on her receipt of a 2023 First Lady's Youth Volunteer Rising Star Award.

HR 878              Bell, Cecil

Congratulating Sergeant Major Timothy C. Cummings on his retirement from the Texas State Guard.

HR 885              Campos

Honoring Texas 400 for its efforts in health care safety, transparency, and accountability.

HR 890              Kitzman

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the death of State Representative Louis Franke.

HR 891              González, Mary

Commending Dr. Jesse A. Sepulveda for his service as principal of Sgt. Jose F. Carrasco Elementary School in the Socorro Independent School District.

HR 892              González, Mary

Commending Alejandra Briseño Sanchez for her service as principal of Ricardo Estrada Middle School in the Clint Independent School District.

HR 893              Leach

Recognizing April 13, 2023, as Texas Food Bank Day at the State Capitol.

HR 894              Lujan

Congratulating Hailey Vargas of Southwest Legacy High School in San Antonio on participating in the 2023 Texas High School Women's Powerlifting Association State Championships.

HR 895              Howard

Recognizing May 2023 as Save Your Tooth Month.

HR 896              Plesa

Honoring the North Texas Disability Chamber.

HR 903              Hull

Commemorating the 2023 Jersey Village Founders Day celebration.

HR 904              Plesa

Honoring David Stolle for his 12 years of service to the Plano ISD Board of Trustees.

HR 905              González, Mary

Congratulating the Eastlake High School FFA chapter in El Paso on its achievements during the 2022-2023 school year.

HR 906              Plesa

Commending Rick Grady for his service on the Plano City Council.

HR 908              Neave Criado

Paying tribute to Cesar Chavez on the 96th anniversary of his birth, March 31, 2023.

HR 910              Shine

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Josephine Arreguin Marin of Belton.

HR 911              Herrero

Congratulating the Wesley Community Center on its 80th anniversary.

HR 915              Herrero

Congratulating Velma Rodriguez on her receipt of a 2023 Women in Education Award from the Education Service Center Region 2.

HR 916              Herrero

Congratulating Cheryl Fillmore on her receipt of a 2023 Women in Education Award from the Education Service Center Region 2.

HR 917              Rogers

Congratulating the Graford High School boys' basketball team on winning the 2023 UIL 1A state championship.

HR 919              Leo-Wilson

Commending Dr. Ernst Nicanord for his participation in the Physician of the Day program at the State Capitol.

HR 924              Plesa

Commending Paul Voelker on his service as mayor of Richardson.

HR 925              Plesa

Congratulating The University of Texas at Dallas moot court team on finishing in second place at the American Moot Court Association National Tournament.

HR 926              Plesa

Honoring Debbie Gillespie for her service on the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees.

HR 927              Campos

Recognizing April 6, 2023, as Tejano Day at the State Capitol.

HR 929              Ramos

Recognizing Jane Tucker for designing and spearheading the inaugural Kindness Crusade in the Richardson Independent School District.

HR 931              Ramos

Commending the Richardson Rotary Club for its contributions to the community.

HR 932              Ramos

Commending the members of the Berkner High School Bill Club for their civic engagement.

HR 933              Ramos

Honoring the League of Women Voters of Richardson on its April 2023 candidate forums.

HR 934              Ramos

Congratulating Detective Tony Godwin of the Garland Police Department on his induction into the National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame.

HR 935              Muñoz, Jr.

Congratulating Karen Prewitt of IDEA Palmview College Preparatory on earning certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

HR 936              Bucy

Congratulating John Harden Bucy III and Molly Erin Bucy on the birth of their daughter, Parker Madison Bucy.

HR 937              Plesa

Congratulating Plano firefighter Stephanie Bouillion-Mayer on earning urban search and rescue specialist certification from the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.

HR 939              Neave Criado

Recognizing April 4, 2023, as County Government Day at the State Capitol.

HR 940              Plesa

Congratulating Larry Zacharias on his retirement as chief of The University of Texas at Dallas Police Department.

HR 941              Plesa

Congratulating the TechnoBotz robotics team from Frisco ISD on competing in the FIRST Lego League state championship.

HR 942              Plesa

Commending Dr. Heather Wang on her service to the Plano Independent School District Board of Trustees.

HR 943              Plesa

Recognizing Collin College and Toyota for establishing the Technician Training and Education Network program at the college's Technical Campus in Allen.

HR 944              Plesa

Congratulating Gergana Peycheva of UT Dallas on winning the 2023 Texas Women's Chess Championship.

HR 945              Plesa

Honoring the North Central Texas Emergency Communications District for its innovative services.

HR 946              Shine

Congratulating Dr. Harry Macey Jr. on his 90th birthday.

HR 947              Leo-Wilson

Congratulating Johnny Carrabba III on his receipt of the 2023 Buck N' Ball Award from the Bryan Museum.

HR 949              Tepper

Congratulating Mariah Rodriguez on her selection as the 2023 Youth of the Year by the J. T. & Margaret Talkington Boys & Girls Club in Lubbock.

HR 951              Troxclair

Recognizing Leadership Highland Lakes Day at the State Capitol on April 4, 2023.

HR 952              Guerra

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Mission Historical Museum.

HR 954              Leo-Wilson

Congratulating Jeanie Turk on her retirement from RE/MAX on the Water-Bolivar.

SCR 32              Hinojosa

Recognizing Lone Star National Bank on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

SCR 37              Hughes

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Mineola.

********** MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS **********

HCR 97              Craddick

In memory of H. Philip "Flip" Whitworth of Austin.

HR 887              Slaton

In memory of William Edward Cole of Greenville.

HR 888              Herrero

In memory of Minerva Rodriguez Lopez of Robstown.

HR 900              Guillen

In memory of Carin Elizabeth and Raley Wayne Kopecki of Panna Maria.

HR 901              Guillen

In memory of Dennis Ray Fenner of Kenedy.

HR 912              Herrero

In memory of Felix Landin Jr. of Corpus Christi.

HR 913              Herrero

In memory of Maria Elisa Gracia Sanchez of Robstown.

HR 918              Herrero

In memory of Armida Gonzalez of Corpus Christi.

HR 920              Murr

In memory of Frederica Charlotte Burt Wyatt of Junction.

HR 922              Spiller

In memory of Emmett Lee Grumbles of San Saba.

HR 923              Spiller

In memory of J. C. Romines of Jack County.