Sunday, May 28, 2023




********** CONFERENCE COMMITTEE **********

Conference Committee Reports:

ELIGIBLE AT 4:40 PM MAY 26, 2023:

SB 1893             Birdwell / et al.

SP: Anderson

Relating to prohibiting the use of certain social media applications and services on devices owned or leased by state agencies.

ELIGIBLE AT 2:20 PM MAY 27, 2023:

SB 1445             Paxton / et al.

SP: Goldman

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement; authorizing a fee.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:50 PM MAY 27, 2023:

HB 3297             Harris, Cody / Harless / Goldman / Schaefer / Cain / et al.

Relating to the elimination of regular mandatory vehicle safety inspections for noncommercial vehicles and the imposition of replacement fees.

HB 3059             King, Tracy O.

Relating to the export fee charged for the transfer of groundwater from a groundwater conservation district.

HB 4                Capriglione / Longoria / Burrows / Meyer / et al.

Relating to the regulation of the collection, use, processing, and treatment of consumers' personal data by certain business entities; imposing a civil penalty.

ELIGIBLE AT 7:00 PM MAY 27, 2023:

HB 2026             Darby / Raney / González, Mary / Stucky / Rogers / et al.

Relating to the Rural Veterinarian Incentive Program.

ELIGIBLE AT 7:10 PM MAY 27, 2023:

SB 29               Birdwell / et al.

SP: Lozano / Gerdes

Relating to prohibited governmental entity implementation or enforcement of a vaccine mandate,  mask requirement, or private business or school closure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

ELIGIBLE AT 8:10 PM MAY 27, 2023:

HB 4227             Goldman

Relating to the repeal of a municipal civil service system for firefighters and police officers in certain municipalities.

HB 2559             Vasut

Relating to the persons authorized to administer an oath in this state.

ELIGIBLE AT 11:00 PM MAY 27, 2023:

SB 10               Huffman / et al.

SP: Bonnen / Burns / Capriglione / et al.

Relating to contributions to, benefits from, and the administration of systems and programs administered by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

ELIGIBLE AT 1:40 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 3104             Anderson

Relating to the temporary exemption of certain tangible personal property related to certain connected data center projects from sales and use taxes.

ELIGIBLE AT 2:40 PM MAY 28, 2023:

SB 17               Creighton / et al.

SP: Kuempel / Shaheen / Bonnen

Relating to the purpose of public institutions of higher education and the powers and duties of the governing boards of those institutions.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:10 PM MAY 28, 2023:

SB 12               Hughes / et al.

SP: Shaheen / Metcalf / Burrows / Harris, Caroline / Isaac / et al.

Relating to restricting certain sexually oriented performances on public property, on the premises of a commercial enterprise, or in the presence of a child; authorizing a civil penalty; creating a criminal offense.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:40 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 30               Moody / Burrows / Slawson / Metcalf / Turner / et al.

Relating to access to certain law enforcement, corrections, and prosecutorial records under the public information law.

HB 12               Rose / Thompson, Senfronia / Walle / Thierry / Howard / et al.

Relating to the duration of services provided under Medicaid to women following a pregnancy.

HB 3440             Canales

Relating to posting and other requirements applicable to certain governmental bodies under the open meetings law.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:50 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 915              Craddick / Rose / Jones, Jolanda

Relating to the creation of a workplace violence hotline and a requirement that employers post notice regarding the hotline.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:00 PM MAY 28, 2023:

SB 1933             Bettencourt / et al.

SP: Oliverson

Relating to certain oversight procedures of the state over county elections.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:10 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 17               Cook / Moody / Leach / Metcalf / Burrows / et al.

Relating to the enforcement of criminal offenses by district attorneys, criminal district attorneys, and county attorneys.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:30 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HJR 3               Bonnen

Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the Texas University Fund, which provides funding to certain institutions of higher education to achieve national prominence as major research universities and drive the state economy.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:40 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 621              Shaheen

Relating to creating a temporary educator certification for certain military service members and first responders.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:50 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 1595             Bonnen / Walle / Thompson, Ed / Paul

Relating to the administration and investment of, and distribution and use of money from, certain constitutional and statutory funds to support general academic teaching institutions in achieving national prominence as major research universities and driving the state economy; redesignating the national research university fund as the Texas University Fund.

ELIGIBLE AT 5:00 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 3372             Thimesch / Slawson / Hayes / DeAyala / Capriglione / et al.

Relating to the reporting of political contributions, including in-kind contributions, and expenditures made using a credit card.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:10 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 3447             Bonnen / Paul / Anderson / Morales, Eddie / et al.

Relating to the establishment and administration of the Texas Aerospace Research and Space Economy Consortium and the Texas Space Commission.

HB 4635             Guillen

Relating to organized crime, racketeering activities, and collection of unlawful debts; providing a civil penalty; creating criminal offenses.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:40 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 3                Burrows / King, Tracy O. / Moody / King, Ken / Bonnen / et al.

Relating to measures for ensuring public school safety, including the development of, implementation of, and funding for public school safety and security requirements and the provision of safety-related resources.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:50 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 2121             Paul / Raymond / Murr

Relating to the form of a rendition statement or property report used to render property for ad valorem tax purposes.

ELIGIBLE AT 7:10 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 1243             Hefner / Spiller / Murr / Leach / Goldman / et al.

Relating to conduct constituting the criminal offense of illegal voting; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 2729             Harris, Cody

Relating to teacher requirements for high quality prekindergarten programs.

HB 357              Bucy / Smith / Capriglione / Garcia / et al.

Relating to the requirements to access the online tracker of an application for a ballot to be voted by mail.

SB 1677             Perry

SP: Price

Relating to the establishment and administration of Health and Human Services Commission programs providing mental health services to certain individuals in this state.

ELIGIBLE AT 7:20 PM MAY 28, 2023:

HB 4443             Cunningham / Garcia / Lujan

Relating to the allocation of certain federal money provided under the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act.



********** SENATE AMENDMENTS **********

Request to discharge and concur:

HB 18               Slawson / Patterson / González, Mary / Burrows / Darby / et al.

Relating to the protection of minors from harmful, deceptive, or unfair trade practices in connection with the use of certain digital services and electronic devices, including the use and transfer of electronic devices to students by a public school.

HB 4390             Button / Burrows / Schaefer / Canales / Dutton / et al.

Relating to the Texas Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs Grant Program.

HB 4843             Holland / Guillen / Harless / et al.

Relating to increasing the minimum term of imprisonment and changing the eligibility for community supervision and parole for certain felony offenses in which a firearm is used or exhibited, to certain consequences on conviction of certain of those offenses, and to increasing the criminal penalty for the offense of unlawful possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a felony.