Regular Order of Business for 3/17/2023



March 17, 2023


(Calendar Order)


(Second Reading)

SJR 50 Hall

Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to appropriations for the preservation and perpetuation of certain items of historical value; allowing the legislature and state agencies to accept on behalf of the state gifts of items of historical value and contributions to purchase such items.

SJR 44 Huffman/ Hinojosa/ et al.

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the denial of bail under some circumstances to a person accused of a violent or sexual offense or of continuous trafficking of persons and requiring a judge or magistrate to impose the least restrictive conditions of bail that may be necessary to ensure the person's appearance in court as required and the safety of the community, law enforcement, and the victim of the alleged offense.

SJR 52 Birdwell/ et al.

Extending the deadline for the automatic rescission of certain applications made by the Texas Legislature to the United States Congress to call a national convention under Article V of the United States Constitution for proposing any amendment to that constitution.


(Second Reading)

SB 1004 (CS)Huffman/ et al.

Relating to creating the criminal offense of tampering with an electronic monitoring device and to certain consequences on conviction of that offense.

SB 545 (LC)Kolkhorst

Relating to death records maintained and provided by the vital statistics unit of the Department of State Health Services.

SB 610 (LC)Hughes

Relating to an unauthorized vote by a delegate or alternate delegate to a federal Article V convention; creating a criminal offense.

SB 718 (LC)Paxton

Relating to additional periods of possession of or access to a child to compensate for denial of court-ordered possession or access.

SB 896 (LC)Hughes

Relating to the automatic stay of proceedings pending an interlocutory appeal of a denial of a motion to dismiss in an action involving the exercise of certain constitutional rights.

SB 380 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to payment of certain court costs associated with interpreters.

SB 729 (LC)Huffman

Relating to the cash balance benefit under the Employees Retirement System of Texas.

SB 740 Huffman

Relating to an election to approve a reduction or reallocation of funding or resources for certain county prosecutors' offices.

SB 276 (LC)Huffman

Relating to certificates of title for certain outboard motors.

SB 61 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the methods by which the comptroller may provide certain notices relating to the revocation or suspension of a permit or license or the forfeiture of corporate privileges in this state.

SB 190 (LC)Miles

Relating to the civil penalty for certain signs placed on the right-of-way of a public road.

SB 247 (LC)Alvarado

Relating to specialty license plates issued for honorary consuls.

SB 323 (LC)Huffman/ Kolkhorst

Relating to the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle safety standards in certain counties.

SB 347 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the extension of a driver's license suspension or disqualification following certain convictions.

SB 507 (LC)Perry

Relating to the designation of a portion of U.S. Highway 87 in Concho County as the Deputy Samuel Leonard Memorial Highway.

SB 508 (LC)Perry

Relating to the designation of the portion of Farm-to-Market Road 765 in Concho County as the Sergeant Stephen Jones Memorial Highway.

SB 904 (LC)Springer

Relating to presumption for an offense to accessible parking.

SB 1021 (LC)Nichols

Relating to the handling of bids on certain contracts for highway projects.

SB 1023 (LC)Nichols

Relating to the establishment and posting of the maximum loads permitted on certain bridges.

SB 1032 (CS)Kolkhorst

Relating to oyster certificates of location; authorizing a fee.

SB 811 (CS) (LC)Kolkhorst

Relating to disclosure of certain information by the Parks and Wildlife Department or the Texas Animal Health Commission.

SB 656 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to an optional health condition or disability designation on a driver's license or personal identification certificate.

SB 341 (LC)Springer

Relating to the applicability of the mixed beverage gross receipts tax and the mixed beverage sales tax to items sold by certain nonprofit entity temporary event permittees.

SB 4 Bettencourt/ Huffman/ Parker

Relating to the maximum compressed tax rate of a school district.

SB 58 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to prohibitions in connection with the online sale of goods.

SB 315 (LC)Hall/ et al.

Relating to the definition of telephone call for purposes of regulating telephone solicitations.

SB 335 (LC)Schwertner

Relating to meetings of the Family and Protective Services Council held using certain telecommunication devices.

SB 159 (CS) (LC)Perry

Relating to education requirements for an applicant to take the uniform CPA examination.

SB 222 (CS) (LC)Nichols/ et al.

Relating to paid leave by certain state employees for the birth or adoption of a child.

SB 271 (CS) (LC)Johnson

Relating to state agency and local government security incident procedures.

SB 621 (CS) (LC)Parker

Relating to the position of chief information security officer in the Department of Information Resources.

SB 640 (CS) (LC)Schwertner/ et al.

Relating to the maintenance of certain state buildings allocated for legislative use and their grounds.