Bills Referred Today for 4/26/2023



April 26, 2023

Committee referral on the following:

HB 44 Swanson/ Klick/ Slawson/ Hefner/ Morales Shaw/ et al.

Relating to provider discrimination against a Medicaid recipient or child health plan program enrollee based on immunization status.

Health & Human Services

HB 115 Ortega/ Patterson/ Harless/ Johnson, Ann/ Gamez/ et al.

Relating to the offense of public consumption of alcoholic beverages during certain hours.

State Affairs

HB 386 González, Jessica/ Swanson/ Cain/ Bucy/ Plesa/ et al.

Relating to accommodating a voter unable to enter a polling place.

State Affairs

HB 390 Howard/ Capriglione/ Anchía/ Anderson/ Tepper/ et al.

Relating to the Internet broadcast or recording of certain open meetings.

Business & Commerce

HB 576 Raymond

Relating to the confidentiality of certain autopsy records.

Criminal Justice

HB 609 Vasut/ et al.

Relating to the liability of a business owner or operator arising from the exposure of an individual to a pandemic disease.

State Affairs

HB 611 Capriglione/ Garcia

Relating to the creation of the criminal offense of unlawful disclosure of residence address or telephone number.

Criminal Justice

HB 711 Frank/ Harless/ Bonnen/ Talarico

Relating to certain contract provisions and conduct affecting health care provider networks.

Health & Human Services

HB 790 Patterson/ Longoria/ Frazier/ Thimesch/ Isaac/ et al.

Relating to the processes for and the adjudication and payment of certain claims under the workers' compensation system.

Business & Commerce

HB 898 Stucky/ Frazier/ Lujan/ Spiller/ Harless/ et al.

Relating to the offense of passing certain vehicles on a highway; increasing a criminal penalty.


HB 1130 Spiller/ et al.

Relating to a district or county attorney participating as counsel in certain proceedings.


HB 1207 Guillen/ et al.

Relating to the statute of limitations for tampering with certain physical evidence.

Criminal Justice

HB 1221 Metcalf

Relating to authorizing the comptroller to release a reported owner's unclaimed property to the owner's crime victim in certain circumstances and payment by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice of certain amounts owed by an inmate.

Criminal Justice

HB 1391 Schaefer/ Bell, Keith/ Goldman/ et al.

Relating to the requirements to obtain a residential wireman license.

Business & Commerce

HB 1575 Hull/ Harless/ Slawson/ Rose/ Frank

Relating to improving health outcomes for pregnant women under Medicaid and certain other public benefits programs.

Health & Human Services

HB 1769 Meyer/ Morales, Eddie/ Metcalf

Relating to the statute of limitations for certain offenses committed against children.

Criminal Justice

HB 1859 Schaefer/ Bell, Keith/ Goldman/ et al.

Relating to the regulation of air conditioning and refrigeration contracting, including eligibility for an air conditioning and refrigeration technician registration or certification.

Business & Commerce

HB 1996 Hull/ Oliverson/ Cortez/ Perez/ Harris, Caroline/ et al.

Relating to the regulation of group family leave insurance issued through an employer to pay for certain losses of income.

Business & Commerce

HB 2121 Paul/ Raymond/ Murr

Relating to the form of a rendition statement or property report used to render property for ad valorem tax purposes.

Local Government

HB 2237 Thompson, Senfronia/ Price/ Wu/ Johnson, Ann/ et al.

Relating to the establishment of the child first grant program.

Health & Human Services

HB 2455 King, Tracy O./ Bumgarner/ et al.

Relating to an annual occupational medical examination for fire fighters.

Local Government

HB 2504 Button/ Burns/ Bucy/ Clardy/ Howard/ et al.

Relating to the award of scholarship money by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy to certain accounting students.

Business & Commerce

HB 2640 Herrero

Relating to health benefit coverage for bariatric surgery under the state employees group benefits program.

Local Government

HB 2929 Lozano

Relating to continuing education and training requirements for classroom teachers and public school counselors.


HB 3189 Garcia/ Rose/ Lozano/ Shaheen/ Johnson, Ann

Relating to information provided to an individual identified as a potential relative or designated caregiver of a child in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Health & Human Services

HB 3504 Leach

Relating to an application for emergency detention, procedures regarding court-ordered mental health services, and certain rights of patients admitted to private mental hospitals and certain other mental health facilities.

Criminal Justice

HB 4757 Orr/ Ashby/ Harris, Cody/ Bonnen/ Burrows/ et al.

Relating to the regulatory authority over certain water bodies.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs