Bills Referred Today for 4/27/2023



April 27, 2023

Committee referral on the following:

SB 2618 Creighton

Relating to the powers, duties, territory, and governance of the Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District.

Local Government

SB 2619 Creighton

Relating to the powers and duties of the Stanley Lake Municipal Utility District; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose fees and taxes.

Local Government

SB 2620 Springer

Relating to authorizing certain political subdivisions to change the date on which their general election for officers is held.

State Affairs

HB 63 Swanson/ Noble/ Hull/ Oliverson/ Klick

Relating to reports of child abuse or neglect and certain preliminary investigations of those reports.

Health & Human Services

HB 98 Moody/ Garcia

Relating to the administration, provision, and Medicaid reimbursement of mental health or behavioral health services provided to certain public school students.


HB 185 González, Mary/ Moody/ VanDeaver/ et al.

Relating to the inclusion of chronically absent students as students at risk of dropping out of school and the collection and reporting of data regarding those students.


HB 290 Oliverson

Relating to multiple employer welfare arrangements.

Health & Human Services

HB 623 Harris, Cody/ Raymond/ Anderson/ et al.

Relating to an exemption from ad valorem taxation of tangible personal property consisting of animal feed held by the owner of the property for sale at retail.

Local Government

HB 679 Bell, Keith/ Bell, Cecil/ Thompson, Ed/ Lambert/ Romero, Jr.

Relating to limitations on the use of workers' compensation insurance experience modifier values in soliciting and awarding public and private construction contracts.

Business & Commerce

HB 683 Cole/ Guillen/ Turner/ Dutton/ Howard/ et al.

Relating to the exemption of tuition and laboratory fees at public institutions of higher education for certain paramedics.

Subcommittee on Higher Education

HB 833 Campos/ Garcia

Relating to an evaluation by the housing and health services coordination council of the 2-1-1 services provided by the Texas Information and Referral Network.

Local Government

HB 964 Jetton/ Leo-Wilson/ Cook/ Thierry/ Garcia

Relating to the applicability of sex offender registration requirements to the offense of improper relationship between educator and student.

Criminal Justice

HB 1114 Kacal/ Kitzman

Relating to the service area of the Blinn Junior College District.

Subcommittee on Higher Education

HB 1242 Hernandez

Relating to the eligibility for unemployment compensation of certain employees who leave the workplace to care for a minor child.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

HB 1275 Plesa/ Shaheen/ Lalani/ Johnson, Jarvis/ Collier/ et al.

Relating to procedures for the issuance of personal identification certificates to certain persons 65 years of age or older whose driver's licenses are surrendered.


HB 1363 Kuempel

Relating to the repeal of the real estate inspection recovery fund.

Business & Commerce

HB 1636 Canales

Relating to baccalaureate degree programs offered by certain public junior colleges.

Subcommittee on Higher Education

HB 1761 Burns/ et al.

Relating to the period for which a pesticide must be registered.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 1989 Cook

Relating to the fees assessed by a district clerk for copies of certain court documents.

Local Government

HB 2071 Jetton/ Harris, Cody/ DeAyala/ Cortez/ Lozano/ et al.

Relating to certain public facilities used to provide affordable housing.

Local Government

HB 2194 Ordaz/ Button/ King, Ken/ Burrows/ Longoria/ et al.

Relating to establishing a "Made in Texas" labeling program; authorizing a civil penalty.

Business & Commerce

HB 2453 Guillen

Relating to the issuance of a digital occupational license by a state agency, county, or municipality.

Business & Commerce

HB 2459 Vo

Relating to the administration of violations and administrative penalties of the employment of children.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

HB 2460 King, Tracy O.

Relating to a requirement that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality obtain or develop updated water availability models for certain river basins.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 2466 Button/ Capriglione/ González, Mary/ Ashby/ Johnson, Ann/ et al.

Relating to the creation of the Texas technology and innovation program.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

HB 2544 Campos/ Raymond/ Morales, Eddie/ Garcia

Relating to the physician assistant licensure compact; authorizing a fee.

Health & Human Services

HB 2574 Lambert/ Metcalf/ Shine/ Darby/ Bailes

Relating to requirements for notice advertising the sale of property to enforce a self-service storage facility lien.

Business & Commerce

HB 2664 Tepper

Relating to the disclosure of customer information by government-operated utilities.


HB 2871 González, Mary/ Capriglione/ Button/ Bucy/ Lalani/ et al.

Relating to the establishment by The University of Texas at Austin of a program to promote computer science education capacity in this state.

Subcommittee on Higher Education

HB 2891 Talarico/ Garcia/ Oliverson/ Bucy/ Allison

Relating to the use of glucagon medication on certain public and private school campuses.


HB 3053 Dean/ Burns/ Wilson/ Bell, Keith/ Troxclair/ et al.

Relating to the municipal disannexation of certain areas annexed during a certain period of time.

Local Government

HB 3125 Gamez

Relating to the use of certain lighting equipment on authorized emergency vehicles.


HB 3993 Paul/ Lopez, Janie/ Anderson

Relating to the automatic admission of students with a nontraditional secondary education to certain public institutions of higher education.

Subcommittee on Higher Education