Bills Referred Today for 5/17/2023



May 17, 2023

Committee referral on the following:

SB 2633 Hinojosa

Relating to the regulation of horse and greyhound racing by the Texas Racing Commission.

State Affairs

HB 191 Bernal/ Geren

Relating to the evaluation of applications for certain financial assistance administered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

Local Government

HB 1437 Clardy/ Perez/ Johnson, Julie/ Cain/ Smithee

Relating to an appraisal procedure for disputed losses under personal automobile insurance policies.

Business & Commerce

HB 1599 Bucy/ Harless/ Oliverson/ Jetton/ Bonnen/ et al.

Relating to implementation of an express lane option for determining eligibility and enrolling certain individuals in Medicaid or the child health plan program.

Health & Human Services

HB 2193 Davis/ Morales Shaw

Relating to the automatic expunction of all records and files related to arrests for certain misdemeanor offenses.

State Affairs

HB 2650 Howard/ Guillen/ Neave Criado/ Garcia/ Harless/ et al.

Relating to the continuation and duties of the Sexual Assault Survivors' Task Force and establishment of a mandatory training program for peace officers on responding to reports of child sexual abuse and adult sexual assault.

Criminal Justice

HB 2806 Canales

Relating to the relocation, adjustment, and ownership of commercial signs.


HB 3058 Johnson, Ann/ Leach/ Slawson

Relating to the operation of the physician-patient relationship with respect to certain medically necessary services.

State Affairs

HB 3659 Hefner/ Moody/ Cook/ Slawson/ Ordaz/ et al.

Relating to civil asset forfeiture proceedings, to the seizure and forfeiture of certain property, and to the reporting and disposition of proceeds and property from civil asset forfeiture.

State Affairs

HB 4081 Clardy

Relating to the referral of certain proceedings to an associate judge and requests for reimbursement of all or part of an associate judge's or interpreter's salary.

State Affairs

HB 4087 Kuempel

Relating to the use of certain on-site sewage disposal systems.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 4398 Kitzman

Relating to the powers and duties of a personal bond or personal bond and pretrial supervision office.

State Affairs

HB 4734 Lopez, Janie/ Button/ Guillen/ Garcia/ et al.

Relating to a study evaluating this state's business advantages, economic climate, and workforce readiness, and a report on attracting offshore wind energy supply chain industries to this state.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

Committee re-referral on the following:

HB 630 Vasut/ Bell, Keith

Relating to the provision of lifeguards by certain municipalities and counties on public beaches.

Re-referred from Natural Resources & Economic Development to Finance

HB 2512 Morrison

Relating to the regulation of athletic trainers.

Re-referred from Business & Commerce to Health & Human Services