Senate Floor Action - 2 for 4/6/2023



April 6, 2023

The Senate suspended the regular order, read third time and finally passed:

SB 8 (CS)Creighton/ Bettencourt/ Campbell/ King/ Middleton/ et al.

Relating to public education, including parental rights and public school responsibilities regarding instructional materials and the establishment of an education savings account program.

SB 9 (CS)Creighton/ Bettencourt/ Campbell/ Hinojosa/ Huffman/ et al.

Relating to the rights, certification, and compensation of public school educators and assistance provided to public schools by the Texas Education Agency related to public school educators and to certain allotments under the Foundation School Program.

SB 130 (CS)Campbell/ et al.

Relating to the regulation by a municipality or county of certain employment benefits and policies.

SB 175 (CS)Middleton/ et al.

Relating to the use by a political subdivision of public funds for lobbying and certain other activities.

SB 1907 Bettencourt/ et al.

Relating to preparing and delivering precinct election returns; increasing a criminal penalty.

SB 1950 Bettencourt/ et al.

Relating to accepting an early voting ballot voted by mail; creating a criminal offense.