Senate Floor Action - 2 for 4/20/2023



April 20, 2023

The Senate suspended the regular order, read third time and finally passed:

SB 18 Creighton/ Campbell/ Flores/ King/ Kolkhorst/ et al.

Relating to tenure and employment status at public institutions of higher education in this state.

SB 627 (CS) (LC)Menéndez

Relating to the entitlement of certain municipalities to certain tax revenue related to a hotel and convention center project.

SB 924 (CS)Springer

Relating to the combination of certain election precincts.

SB 986 Creighton/ et al.

Relating to the authority of a local government to regulate evictions.

SB 990 Hall

Relating to elimination of the countywide polling place program.

SB 1396 (CS)Middleton/ et al.

Relating to a period of prayer and reading of the Bible or other religious text in public schools.

SB 1515 King/ et al.

Relating to the display of the Ten Commandments in public schools.

SB 2071 (CS)Bettencourt

Relating to automatic recounts of certain elections.

SB 2381 (CS)Paxton

Relating to the development of a webpage and mobile application for the provision of pregnancy-related resources and information.

SB 2433 (CS)Bettencourt/ et al.

Relating to certain election practices and procedures; increasing a criminal penalty; providing an administrative penalty.

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 445 Middleton

Commemorating San Jacinto Day.

Committee referral on the following:

SCR 45 Nichols

Designating Palestine as the official Dogwood Trails Capital of Texas for a 10-year period ending in 2033.


HJR 3 Bonnen

Proposing a constitutional amendment renaming the national research university fund as the Texas University Fund, providing for the appropriation of certain investment income from the economic stabilization fund to the Texas University Fund, excepting appropriations to and from the Texas University Fund from the constitutional limit on the rate of growth of appropriations, and appropriating money from the general revenue fund to the Texas University Fund for purposes of providing funding to certain public institutions of higher education to achieve national prominence as major research universities and drive the state economy.


HJR 126 Burns/ Burrows/ González, Mary/ Ashby/ Bernal/ et al.

Proposing a constitutional amendment protecting the right to engage in farming, ranching, timber production, horticulture, and wildlife management.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 92 Landgraf/ Cain/ Harris, Cody/ Kitzman/ Cortez/ et al.

Relating to the authority of a municipality, county, or property owners' association to prohibit or regulate certain activities on residence homestead property.

Local Government

HB 252 Johnson, Ann/ Thompson, Senfronia/ Jones, Jolanda/ Guillen/ Allen

Relating to the eligibility for an order of nondisclosure of criminal history record information of a criminal defendant who has successfully completed a specialty court program.

Criminal Justice

HB 1106 Goodwin/ Tinderholt/ et al.

Relating to the training of and the provision of acupuncture services by an acudetox specialist.

Health & Human Services

HB 1286 Guillen/ et al.

Relating to construction standards for certain recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds.

Business & Commerce

HB 1381 Hernandez

Relating to the public hearing requirement for a preliminary zoning report made by a zoning commission.

Local Government

HB 1429 Campos/ Collier/ Garcia/ Howard/ Morales, Eddie/ et al.

Relating to the definitions of family violence and household member for purposes of crime victims' compensation.

Criminal Justice

HB 1500 Holland/ Bell, Keith/ Canales/ Goldman/ Clardy

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Office of Public Utility Counsel, and the functions of the independent organization certified for the ERCOT power region.

Business & Commerce

HB 1565 Canales/ Holland/ Goldman/ Bell, Keith/ Clardy

Relating to the functions of the Texas Water Development Board and continuation and functions of the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas Advisory Committee.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 1595 Bonnen/ Walle/ Thompson, Ed/ Paul

Relating to the administration and investment of, and distribution and use of money from, certain constitutional and statutory funds to support general academic teaching institutions in achieving national prominence as major research universities and driving the state economy; redesignating the national research university fund as the Texas University Fund.


HB 1646 King, Tracy O.

Relating to the use of water withdrawn from the Edwards Aquifer.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 1704 Walle/ Garcia/ Rose/ Raney/ et al.

Relating to the establishment of the workforce housing capital investment fund program to fund the development of workforce housing in this state; authorizing a fee.

Local Government

HB 1750 Burns/ Bell, Keith/ Harris, Cody/ Metcalf/ Burrows/ et al.

Relating to the applicability of certain city requirements to agricultural operations.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 1773 Guillen/ et al.

Relating to a state employment preference for certain individuals who reside with veterans with a disability.

Veteran Affairs

HB 1922 Dutton/ Toth/ Schatzline/ Burns

Relating to periodic reauthorization of municipal building permit fees.

Local Government

HB 1925 Harless

Relating to the continuation of a health care provider participation program by the Harris County Hospital District.

Local Government

HB 2016 Hernandez

Relating to the eligibility requirements for a license as a massage establishment, massage school, massage therapist, or massage therapy instructor.

Business & Commerce

HB 2127 Burrows/ Meyer/ Goldman/ King, Ken/ Raymond/ et al.

Relating to state preemption of and the effect of certain state or federal law on certain municipal and county regulation.

Business & Commerce

HB 2183 Stucky/ Murr

Relating to the temporary appointment of county jailers.

Criminal Justice

HB 2243 Campos

Relating to the provision of assistance to elderly persons in obtaining certain protective orders.

Health & Human Services

HB 2308 Ashby/ Bailes/ Rogers/ Kitzman/ Cain/ et al.

Relating to nuisance actions and other actions against agricultural operations.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 2556 Oliverson/ Morales, Eddie/ Harless/ et al.

Relating to the licensing and regulation of physician graduates and the authority of an insured to select a physician graduate under the insured's health insurance policy; requiring an occupational license; authorizing fees.

Health & Human Services

HB 2802 Rose/ Jones, Jolanda/ Plesa/ et al.

Relating to the Medicaid application form and communication with Medicaid recipients.

Health & Human Services

HB 3059 King, Tracy O.

Relating to the export fee charged for the transfer of groundwater from a groundwater conservation district.

Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs

HB 3115 Morales, Eddie/ Leach/ Cook/ Harris, Cody/ Canales

Relating to the eligibility of certain retired or former district court judges for assignment as a visiting judge.

State Affairs

HB 3211 Stucky/ Thimesch/ Anderson/ Bumgarner/ Hayes/ et al.

Relating to a campus of the Texas State Technical College System located in Denton County.

Subcommittee on Higher Education