COMMITTEE:    Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence 

TIME & DATE:  8:00 AM, Wednesday, March 29, 2023 

PLACE:       E2.016 
CHAIR:       Rep. Jeff Leach 


The Chair may limit testimony time to ensure consideration of posted business.


HB 2980        Thompson, Senfronia                                    
Relating to the disposition and removal of a decedent's remains.

HB 3184        Thompson, Senfronia                                    
Relating to guardianships and the delivery of certain notices or other communications in connection with guardianship proceedings.

HB 2196        Smithee                                               
Relating to trusts.

HB 2821        Smithee                                               
Relating to decedents' estates and the delivery of certain notices or other communications in connection with those estates or multiple-party accounts.

HB 3562        Smithee                                               
Relating to durable powers of attorney and the construction of certain powers conferred in those durable powers of attorney.

HB 2251        Raymond                                               
Relating to computerized fee records in criminal cases.

HB 2865        Raymond                                               
Relating to the assignment of certain retired and former justices and judges.

HB 2007        Martinez                                              
Relating to a certificate of merit in certain actions against certain licensed or registered professionals.

HB 4557        Darby                                                 
Relating to liability for capturing and storing carbon dioxide.

HB 2731        Lozano                                                
Relating to the authority of a member of the State Board of Education to request an attorney general opinion.

HJR 107        Price | et al.                                         
Proposing a constitutional amendment to increase the mandatory age of retirement for state justices and judges.

HB 2534        Turner                                                
Relating to the confidentiality of working papers and electronic communications of administrative law judges and appeals judges under the workers' compensation system.

HB 2266        Leach                                                 
Relating to judicial review of certain local laws applicable to state license holders.

HB 2383        Leach                                                 
Relating to court deposition and transcription services and fees and to court reporters and certified court interpreters; establishing a civil penalty.

HB 2384        Leach                                                 
Relating to court administration, including the knowledge, efficiency, training, and transparency requirements for candidates for or holders of judicial offices.

HB 2778        Leach                                                 
Relating to the operation and administration of the State Office of Administrative Hearings.

HB 2779        Leach                                                 
Relating to the compensation of a district judge and the associated retirement benefits of certain other elected state officials.

HB 3156        Leach                                                 
Relating to liability of professional entities performing construction monitoring and inspection services for the Texas Department of Transportation.

HB 3504        Leach                                                 
Relating to an application for emergency detention and procedures regarding court-ordered mental health services.

HB 4218        Leach                                                 
Relating to civil actions involving commercial motor vehicles.

HB 2734        Murr                                                  
Relating to the service credit used in calculating longevity pay for certain judges and prosecutors.

HB 3696        Landgraf                                              
Relating to a study on the effectiveness of protective orders in this state.

HB 3698        Landgraf                                              
Relating to expanding access to the protective order registry and the inclusion of certain information regarding a person who is the subject of a protective order in that registry.

HB 1952        Toth | et al.                                         
Relating to the required inclusion of a person's sex on a birth certificate.

HB 438         Schofield | et al.                                     
Relating to the annual base salary from the state of a district judge.

HB 3952        Schofield                                             
Relating to the jurisdiction of courts in cases of forcible entry and detainer and forcible detainer.

HB 1179        Ramos | et al.                                         
Relating to informing the public about the availability of provisions in protective orders, including provisions regarding pets and other companion animals.

HB 653         Allison | et al.                                       
Relating to guardianships of the person of wards with profound intellectual disabilities who are minors or were minors when their guardianship proceedings commenced.

HB 2432        Johnson, Julie                                         
Relating to the liability of an owner, lessee, or occupant of real property in connection with the use of or entry onto the property.

HB 3937        Johnson, Julie                                         
Relating to a criminal justice system sentencing database established by the Office of Court Administration of the Texas Judicial System.

HB 3115        Morales, Eddie                                         
Relating to the eligibility of certain retired or former district court judges for assignment as a visiting judge.

HB 2559        Vasut                                                 
Relating to the persons authorized to administer an oath in this state.

HB 4239        Vasut                                                 
Relating to property owner liability for personal injury claims arising from insurance restoration projects in which a contractor or subcontractor does not maintain workers' compensation insurance coverage.

HB 888         Slawson | et al.                                       
Relating to the statute of limitations on a health care liability claim involving certain gender modification drugs provided to and procedures performed on a minor.

HB 3519        Hull                                                  
Relating to judicial training requirements regarding family violence.

HB 1130        Spiller                                               
Relating to a district or county attorney participating as counsel in certain proceedings.

HB 2930        Spiller                                               
Relating to the jurisdiction of the Texas Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals.

HB 3756        Flores                                                
Relating to civil liability for removing certain individuals or animals from a motor vehicle.

HB 3331        Thimesch                                              
Relating to a convicted felon serving as executor of a decedent's estate in certain circumstances.

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