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COMMITTEE:    State Affairs 

TIME & DATE:  10:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess or bill referral if permission granted
Wednesday, April 12, 2023 

PLACE:       JHR 140 
CHAIR:       Rep. Todd Hunter 



The chair may limit testimony time to ensure consideration of posted business.



HB 7           Guillen | et al.                                       
Relating to public services and programs in the southern border region of this state to address the effects of ongoing criminal activity and public health threats, including methods of financing those services.

HB 20          Schaefer | et al.                                      
Relating to measures to ensure the safety and welfare of the southern border region of this state, including protection from ongoing criminal activity and public health threats; creating a criminal offense; creating a civil penalty.

HB 30          Moody                                                 
Relating to access to certain law enforcement, corrections, and prosecutorial records under the public information law.

HB 65          Spiller | et al.                                       
Relating to the prosecution and punishment of certain criminal offenses committed in the course of or for the purpose of unlawfully entering the United States, unlawfully bypassing certain law enforcement checkpoints, or evading an arrest or detention; increasing criminal penalties.

HB 82          Spiller | et al.                                       
Relating to an interstate compact on border security and immigration enforcement.

HB 800         Guillen | et al.                                       
Relating to the punishment for certain criminal conduct involving the smuggling of persons, the operation of a stash house, or evading an arrest or detention; increasing criminal penalties.

HB 855         Gervin-Hawkins                                         
Relating to the reimbursement of state employees for groceries consumed while traveling on official state business.

HB 1585        Geren                                                 
Relating to matters affecting the powers and duties of the Texas Ethics Commission.

HB 1597        Murr                                                  
Relating to tariff filings of telecommunications providers.

HB 1600        Hefner | et al.                                        
Relating to the creation of a criminal offense for illegal entry into Texas from Mexico by persons who are not citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States.

HB 1610        Leach | et al.                                         
Relating to the defense of this state or a state agency in actions challenging the constitutionality of a state statute.

HB 1765        Burns                                                 
Relating to the redaction of certain information from a document posted on the Internet by a county clerk or district clerk on request of a person to whom the information relates.

HB 1911        Burrows                                               
Relating to the confidentiality of home address information in ad valorem tax appraisal records of a current or former employee or contract staff member of a university health care provider at certain correctional facilities.

HB 2771        Smithee | et al.                                       
Relating to disbursements from the universal service fund for certain small and rural companies.

HB 3012        Lozano                                                
Relating to the prosecution and punishment of the offense of smuggling of persons.

HB 3508        Hernandez                                             
Relating to the operation of electric vehicle charging stations.

HB 3782        Guillen                                               
Relating to establishing the Border Security Advisory Council.

HB 4081        Clardy                                                
Relating to the referral of certain proceedings to an associate judge and requests for reimbursement of all or part of the associate judge's salary.

HB 4337        Canales                                               
Relating to the definition of a governmental record.

HB 4670        King, Tracy O.                                         
Relating to a grant program to compensate certain property owners for damages caused by criminal activities.

HB 4964        Burrows                                               
Relating to the sale, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages at the Texas State History Museum.

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Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need assistance, such as a sign language interpreter, are requested to contact Stacey Nicchio at (512) 463-0850, 72 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.