COMMITTEE:    Transportation 

TIME & DATE:  10:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess or bill referral if permission granted
Wednesday, March 29, 2023 

PLACE:        E2.036 
CHAIR:        Rep. Terry Canales 


*Public testimony may be limited to two (2) minutes.*


If you intend to testify, please register using the electronic witness affirmation form, which will be available at any registration kiosk located throughout the Capitol Extension. Witness registration will open approximately two (2) hours prior to the start of the hearing.


Witness registration must be completed prior to testifying.


HB 101         Ortega | et al.                           
Relating to the membership of the Texas Transportation Commission.

HB 677         Jetton                                    
Relating to a highway toll exemption for public school buses.

HB 718         Goldman | et al.                          
Relating to the issuance of temporary tags and license plates by a motor vehicle dealer.

HB 1511        Perez                                     
Relating to the disposition of real property interests by navigation districts and port authorities.

HB 1855        Goodwin | et al.                          
Relating to the designation of highway safety corridors; increasing a fine.

HB 2224        Hernandez                                 
Relating to the authority of a municipality to alter speed limits.

HB 2341        Guillen                                   
Relating to procedures governing a regional mobility authority in relation to certain federal public transportation funding.

HB 2795        Canales                                   
Relating to the amendment of an existing comprehensive development agreement for a portion of State Highway 130.

HB 2806        Canales                                   
Relating to the relocation, adjustment, and ownership of commercial and outdoor signs.

HB 2901        Harris, Cody                              
Relating to the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle safety standards in certain municipalities.

HB 3418        Canales                                   
Relating to the implementation by the Texas Department of Transportation of a vehicle mileage user fee pilot program and a task force to assist in developing and evaluating the program.

HB 3805        Canales                                   
Relating to the program categories in the unified transportation program.

HB 3989        Raney                                     
Relating to the adoption of a policy on the preclusion of private design professionals from contracting with the Texas Department of Transportation.

HB 4015        Thompson, Ed                              
Relating to the disposition of certain fees collected for the rail safety program.

HB 4422        Canales                                   
Relating to a study on enhancing border security outcomes through public safety, technological, and transportation infrastructure improvements near Texas-Mexico border crossings.

HJR 144        Canales                                   
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the use of money in the state highway fund for roadways for seaports, airports, spaceports, land ports of entry, and international bridges.

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