SB 28


 Natural Resources Committee

 April 18, 2023 - 8:00 AM

 For :

 Ellison, Mark (Texas Desalination Association)

 Fowler, Perry (Self; Texas Water Infrastructure Network (TXWIN))

 Grande, Rebecca (Texas Association of Business)

 Harward, Heather (Texas Water Supply Partners)

 Kirkle, Sarah (Texas Water Conservation Association)

 Mazur, Jeremy (Texas 2036)

 Parker, Blaire (San Antonio Water System (SAWS))

 Woodruff, Ronnie (Brazosport Water Authority)

 Yarbrough, Brian (Port of Corpus Christi Authority)

 Against :

 Rowell, Melissa (Self)

 On :

 Crew, John (Self; Aqueduct Werks)

 Friedman, Alan (Self; Aqueduct Werks)

 Ortiz, Alex (Sierra Club)

 Walker, Jeff (Texas water development)

 Walker, Jennifer (National Wildlife Federation)

 Registering, but not testifying:

 For :

 Albright, Steven (AGC of Texas- Highways, Heavy, Utilities and Industrial Branch)

 Bresnen, Steve (North Harris County Regional Water Authority)

 Brophey, Patrick (North Texas Commission)

 Bruun, Glenna (Texas Ports Association)

 Carlile, Jimmy (Fasken Oil and Ranch)

 Chick, Craig (American Council of Engineering Companies Texas)

 Davis, Tricia (Self; Texas Royalty Council TRC)

 Embrey, Tammy (Invenergy Clean Water)

 Emerson, Jennifer (Port Houston)

 Finley, Trace (Seven Seas Water Group)

 Frazier, Kyle (Texas Desalination Association)

 Gammage, Sam (Dow)

 Garcia, Buddy (Brownsville Public Utilities Board)

 Glass, Tom (Self)

 Harward, Heather (Upper Trinity Regional Water District)

 Hodges, Kenneth (Texas Corn Producers Associatiom)

 Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau)

 Juergens, Seth (Texas REALTORS)

 Kegley-Whitehead, Ashley (Self; Infinity Water Solutions)

 Kelly, David (North Texas Municipal Water District)

 Ludwick, Chandler (ConocoPhillips)

 Martinsson, Leah (Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts)

 McCarthy, Edmond (Self; GateHouse Water LLC)

 McCoy, Holly (City of Amarillo)

 McKaughan, Mary Alice (Texas Rural Water Association)

 Mckee, Nancy (Self)

 Modglin, Jason (Texas Alliance of Energy Producers)

 Morris, Joe (Aqua Water Supply Corporation)

 Muñoz, Ned (Texas Association of Builders)

 Murphy, Kaitlyn (Greater Houston Partnership)

 Myers, Ashley (Texas Association of Water Companies)



 SB 28


 Natural Resources Committee

 Norman, Scott (Texas Association of Builders)

 Paylor, Ryan (Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO))

 Pearson, Shea (Texas Chemical Council)

 Phillips, Matt (Brazos River Authority)

 Puig Williams, Vanessa (EDF)

 Rubinstein, Carlos (Self; RSAH2O LLC)

 Simmons, Ron (Imvest Texas Council)

 Skrobarczyk, Ryan (Texas Nursery & Landscape Association)

 Sledge, Brian (Northeast Texas Municipal Water District; Benbrook Water Authority)

 Sledge, Shauna Fitzsimmons (San Antinio River Authority)

 Solis, Eddie (Abilene Chamber of Commerce)

 Tredway, CJ (Texas Oil &Gas Association)

 Wheeler, Julie (Travis County Commissioners Court)

 Wier, Andrew (Self; Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund ( SAWDF))

 Williams, Julie (Chevron)

 Wynn, Monty (Texas Municipal League)

 Yanas, Christine (Methodist Healthcare Ministries)

 On :

 Benter, Tammy (Public Utility Commission)

 Eaves, Celia (Public Utility Commission)