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                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Health & Human Services

            October 10, 2023 9:30 AM - or upon adjournment

            SB 7


                                 Evans, Michelle  Political Director  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; Texans for

                                 Vaccine Choice), Keller, TX

                                 Hemphill, Sheila   (also providing written testimony)  (Self; Texas Right To Know), Brady,


                                 Lux, Carolyn K   (Self), Fredericksburg, TX

                                 Porter, Gregory   (Self; Texas For Liberty & Texas Liberty Council), Austin, TX

                                 Richardson, Dawn  Director of Advocacy  (also providing written testimony)  (Self;

                                 National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)), Austin, TX

                                 Schlegel, Jackie  Executive Director  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; Texans for

                                 medical freedom), Arlington, TX

                                 Siegel, Shawn   (also providing written testimony)  (Self), San Marcos, TX, TX

                                 Thomas, Leslie   (Self; RPT Vaccine Mandate Com), Blum, TX


                                 Lopez, Cesar   (also providing written testimony) (Texas Hospital Association), Austin, TX

                                 Warren, Kevin  President/ceo  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Health Care

                                 Association), Austin, TX

                                 Widmer, Jimmy   (Self; Texas Medical Association, Texas Pediatrics Society, Texas Chapter

                                 of the American College of Physicians), Belton, TX

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Castilla, Cindi   (Self; Texas Eagle Forum), Dallas, TX


                                 Abel, Matt  VP, Policy (Texas Association of Business), Austin, TX

                                 DuRapau, Krista  Executive Director (Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society), Austin,


                                 Gonzalez, Ana  (Texas AFL-CIO), Austin, TX

                                 Griffith, Idona   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Holley-Hurt, Carrie   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Horn, Sarah  Assistant State Director (National Federation of Independent Business),

                                 Austin, TX

                                 Kaufman, Lisa  (Texas Ci il Justice League), Austin, TX

                                 Klose, Joanna   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Kuykendall, Deanna  Consultant (Texas Brain Injury Providers Alliance), Austin, TX

                                 Lobsinger Bush, Danielle  (Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute), Austin, TX

                                 Schleifer, Jessica  Vice President (Teaching Hospitals of Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Sills, Edward   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Venegas-Matula, Michelle   (Self), Austin, TX


                                 Garcia, Imelda  Senior Advisor to the Commissioner (Texas Department of State Health

                                 Services), Austin, TX

                                 Serna, Ed  Executive Director (Texas Workforce Commission), Austin, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Health & Human Services

            October 10, 2023 9:30 AM - or upon adjournment

                  Providing written testimony:


                                 Lakshmanan, Rekha  (The Immunization Partnership), Houston, TX

                                 Meyer, Alyse  VP of Advocacy (LeadingAge Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Van Arsdale, Corbin  President & General Counsel (AGC-Texas Building Branch), Austin,