Vote information on bills is included in the house or senate journal. The votes of individual representatives and senators are available only if (1) a record vote is requested at the time the vote takes place; or (2) when a record vote has not been taken, a member registers, within a specified time limit, a request to have his or her vote recorded in the journal.

The action history for a bill will provide the date and journal page number for each vote taken on the bill. To find a bill and its action history:

Once you have located the bill, scan the action history for vote actions. If a record vote was taken, a "Record Vote" action will be noted; for a house record vote, there will also be the abbreviation "RV" and a record number.

For sessions previous to the 79th Regular Session, use the following procedure to locate any vote in the journal:

For the 79th Regular Session and following sessions, in addition to the procedures above, the action history provides quick links to certain votes:

Also, for the 79th Regular Session and following sessions, a feature has been added to enable the user to find, for a given date, all bills on which "quick-linked" votes were taken.