Public Access to Wireless Internet in the Capitol Complex

The Texas Legislative Council provides open wireless Internet access in the Texas Capitol Complex to members of the public visiting the Capitol Complex. Use of the Capitol Complex wireless service constitutes acceptance of this policy. The council may modify this policy at any time. View policy details.

The following provides information on using the public wireless Internet access available in the Capitol complex.

Minimum Laptop Requirements: Active internal or external wireless A, G, or N card.

Connecting to Wireless Access Points

When your laptop is powered on in the Capitol Complex, it will automatically detect the presence of the Public-Capitol wireless access points and launch an information balloon above the taskbar system tray that indicates you're connected.

If your laptop does not automatically connect to the Public-Capitol network, an information balloon displays that states, "One or more wireless networks are available" or "Wireless Network Unavailable." Simply place your cursor inside the information balloon and double-click. The Wireless Network Connection window displays.

From the Wireless Network Connection window, select Public-Capitol listed in the top pane of the window. Click the Allow me to connect to the selected wireless network, even though it is not secure check box. Click Connect.

With connection to the Public-Capitol network you can now connect to the Internet.

NOTE: Public wireless Internet connections are limited. If you are repeatedly prompted with the balloon message that the wireless network is available, this indicates that the maximum number of public connections are being used.

NOTE: The use of any electronic device during a hearing or committee meeting is at the discretion of the chairperson. Please respect the quorum of the meeting and use earphones or mute the audio when audio is being broadcast.

NOTE: When viewing live video, quality will vary depending on the amount of bandwidth available. Viewing live video through the wireless network can also impact the performance of others who are using the same wireless access point.

Technical assistance is not available for the Public-Capitol network.

Connection status balloon
Wireless connections available balloon
Wireless network connection selection window