Bill:  HB 1440 
Legislative Session: 79(R) Author: Bohac
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Description Comment Date       Time       Journal Page
 Failed to receive affirmative vote in comm.      04/20/2005    
 Considered in formal meeting      04/20/2005    
 Reported from s/c favorably w/o amendment(s)      04/14/2005    
 Considered by s/c in public hearing      04/14/2005    
 Left pending in subcommittee      03/31/2005    
 Testimony taken in subcommittee      03/31/2005    
 Considered by s/c in public hearing      03/31/2005    
 Subcommittee meeting cancelled      03/30/2005    
 Scheduled for public hearing in s/c on . . .      03/30/2005    
 Subcommittee members named      03/01/2005    
 Referred directly to subcommittee by chair      03/01/2005    
 Referred to Criminal Jurisprudence      02/24/2005     457
 Read first time      02/24/2005     457
 Filed      02/22/2005