Bill:  HB 2914 
Legislative Session: 77(R) Author: Bonnen
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Relating to state fiscal matters, including electronic records and signatures used or accepted by the comptroller, rulemaking about the rollback tax rate limit, the intellectual property of the comptroller, the collection of delinquent taxes and debts to the state, state property accounting, advisory committees, determining the fiscal year to charge for certain state expenditures, financial reporting by state agencies, administration of the energy management center, longevity pay, hazardous duty pay, temporary reassignments of state employees, automatic payment of interest to vendors, the applicability and collection of 9-1-1 fees and surcharges, the payment of credit interest on local revenue funds, the deadline for governmental entities to claim refund of the state hotel occupancy tax, and reports about the franchise tax credit for after school care.

House Committee Report
Relating to state fiscal matters.

Relating to state fiscal matters.

Senate Committee Report
Relating to state fiscal matters.

Relating to state fiscal matters; making an appropriation.