Bill:  HB 29 
Legislative Session: 78(2)
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Last Action:07/29/2003 H Reported engrossed: Jul 29 2003 9:18PM
Caption Version:Engrossed
Caption Text:Relating to the dates of certain elections, the procedures for canvassing the ballots for an election, and the counting of certain ballots voted by mail.
Subjects:Elections--Early Voting (I0260)
Elections--General (I0310)
Elections--Primaries (I0285)
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 Reported engrossed       07/29/2003   09:18 PM  57
 Statement(s) of vote recorded in Journal      07/29/2003    
 Record vote   RV#22   07/29/2003    
 Passed      07/29/2003    
 Read 3rd time      07/29/2003    
 Record vote   RV#21   07/29/2003    
 Constitutional three day rule suspended      07/29/2003    
 Passed to engrossment      07/29/2003    
 Record vote   RV#20   07/29/2003    
 Amendment tabled   1-Alonzo   07/29/2003    
 Read 2nd time      07/29/2003    
 Statement(s) of vote recorded in Journal      07/29/2003    
 Record vote   RV#5   07/29/2003    
 Rules suspended      07/29/2003    
 Filed      07/29/2003