Bill:  HB 2077 
Legislative Session: 83(R) Council Document: 83R 7927 TJB-D
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Last Action:04/22/2013 H Committee report sent to Calendars
Caption Version:House Committee Report
Caption Text:Relating to municipal fees in certain populous municipalities.
Subjects:City Government--General (I0060)
Fees & Other Nontax Revenue--Local (I0361)
House Committee:Urban Affairs
Status:Out of committee
Vote:Ayes=5   Nays=0   Present Not Voting=0   Absent=2
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 Committee report sent to Calendars      04/22/2013    
 Committee report distributed      04/21/2013   07:07 PM 
 Comte report filed with Committee Coordinator      04/19/2013     1735
 Reported favorably w/o amendment(s)      04/10/2013    
 Considered in public hearing      04/10/2013    
 Left pending in committee      04/03/2013    
 Testimony taken/registration(s) recorded in committee      04/03/2013    
 Considered in public hearing      04/03/2013    
 Scheduled for public hearing on . . .      04/03/2013    
 Referred to Urban Affairs      03/05/2013     618
 Read first time      03/05/2013     618
 Filed      02/28/2013