Bill:  HR 1423 
Legislative Session: 85(R) Council Document: 85R 22792 RMA-D
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Last Action:05/05/2017 H Reported enrolled: May 5 2017 8:43AM
Caption Version:Introduced
Caption Text:Congratulating Prosper High School baseball coach Rick Carpenter on his 800th career win.
Subjects:Resolutions--Congratulatory & Honorary (I0705)
House Committee:Rules & Resolutions
Status:Out of committee
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 Reported enrolled      05/05/2017   08:43 AM 
 Adopted      04/27/2017     2010
 Laid before the House      04/27/2017     2010
 Placed on Congrat. & Memorial Res. Calendar      04/27/2017    
 Considered in Rules and Resolutions      04/25/2017    
 Referred to Rules & Resolutions      04/17/2017   04:27 PM  1536
 Filed      04/13/2017